Delivering WOW Customer Service

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Delivering WOW Customer Service Training Program

A 52 session, online training program to educate and inspire employees to deliver superior customer service every day. After each session, the employee is asked to take a short quiz on the topic and the results are sent to the designated leader as proof of completion. The program is divided into 52 modules (each around 10 minutes) and includes the following titles:

  • Introduction To Delivering WOW On Purpose
  • Attitude & Enthusiasm Are Contagious, Are Yours Worth Catching?
  • Learn What They Want Then Give Them More!
  • What Happened To Service?
  • Customer Loyalty, The Road To Many happy Returns
  • Is Your First Impression Impressive?
  • Internal Customers Rule
  • Some Rules Are Made To Be Broken, Or At Least Bent.
  • Loyalty Starts From Within
  • Decide To Make Your Customer's Lives Better
  • Defuse Or Die
  • You Need Them, More Than They Need You
  • Turning A Customer Experience Into A WOW
  • Engaged Employees = Engaged Customers
  • What's Love Got To Do With It
  • The Impact of Surprise
  • You Had Me At Hello
  • Behave What You Believe
  • Serving From The Heart
  • Prepare To WOW Or Lose To Someone Who Will
  • See What Your Customer Sees
  • Violate Customer Trust And Lose Your Asset
  • Speed
  • The Customer Service Secrets Of Santa Claus
  • Make Every Visit A Red Carpet Visit
  • What It Takes to Be A Champion Of WOW!
  • Always Find A Way To " Say Yes
  • Relentlessly Pursue WOWing Your Customer
  • Choose To Be There For Your Customers
  • Is Your Last Impression Memorable?
  • The Power Of Perception
  • Are You Creating Moments Of Magic Or ,Moments Of Misery?
  • Love The Customer Who Complains
  • The Real Cost Of A Lost Customer
  • Delivering Dreams Is What Inspires WOW
  • Mirror, Mirror On The Wall
  • Strive To Be Different
  • Why Customer Service Is A Feeling
  • Transform Your Job Into A WOW Project
  • Always Say "Thank You"
  • And Then Some!
  • Becoming Consistently Better At What You Do
  • Fascination & Fortune Is In The Follow Up
  • Beyond Expectations
  • The Language of WOW customer Service
  • A Real Life Story, "The Richest Man In Town"
  • Service, The Real Point Of Difference
  • Customer Bill Of Rights
  • Creating Memorable Standards Of Performance At Every Touch Point
  • How Fresh Are You
  • One Man's Story Of Gratitude
  • The Heart Comes Before The Head: Connecting With People

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