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If you use assessments in your organization for recruiting, personal/professional development, training, teambuilding, or strategic planning, then you can signup for a Spectrum Account. There is no fee to do it and you only pay for the assessments you use each month.

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Our assessments measure many attributes that can be used to find top peformers and best candiate-job matches. Used with our criteria search filters and you have a top notch selection tool.

Spectrum assessments insure EEOC compliance when used for selection as they contain specific, targeted questionnaires that relate to observable work behaviors. Our assessments are free of bias and do not create a disparate impact on any protected groups.

Our suite of tools and assessments are flexible and can be used along with any validated, reliable assessments. If you have a realiable behavioral tool, then pair it with our other assessments to get much better predictable results than behavioral tools can provide on their own.

We try to be consistant in our development of tools and strive to get down to a 6th grade level. Some of our assessments use industry language that should be understood by people working in that industry. With our sports and student middle school assessments we have tested them as low as a 3rd grade language. With younger children it is best to have an adult assist with any questions to ensure understanding.

DISC, Myers Briggs, and other behavioral assessments are only measuring one aspect of a person, behaviors. While behaviors are important, much more goes into measuring a person's personality or performance. Behaviors are how a person communicates verbally and non-verbally. They don't explain why they are driven, or what their soft skill and hard skill knowledge is. In order to get a complete picture of a person and match them to a job/corporate culture, or get them ready for change through coaching or mentoring, it is necessary to really understand as much about them as you can. Our full suite of tools helps you do that.

There are no restrictions on who can signup and use our tools. We offer online training and certification to insure that you are able to effectly debrief others on the reports, however we write the reports in language that is easy to understand. We have no restrictions on where in the world you use our tools. It is a global market and we encourage you do provide your services in all markets and industries throught the world.