Motivating Factors Index

  • Motivating Factors Index

Spectrum Motivating Factors Index

This assessment measures 7 different key motivating factors (personal drivers) that most influence a person's life choices, decisions and actions. Find out what drives people and WHY they behave the way they do.

Do you know why you act the way you do? Motivators (also known as values or drivers) are the "why" behind your actions. Everyday people make decisions based on what motivates and drives them, i.e., their motivating values. Each experience you have will shape your motivating values in some way. Everyone is unique and has different motivating values, these are what make you "you".

Companies are starting to realize that properly matching a person to a job can be a win-win situation. Your career is an extension of who you are. If your motivators are different than what the job is calling for, there will be little to no motivation. This could be costly for companies. When an employee has motivators that match the job, this will help reach success for the company!

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