Spectrum Indexes

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Spectrum Indexes

This assessment measures the full spectrum of an individual:

  • 7 different key drivers that most influence a person's life choices, decisions and actions.
  • 15 factors that demonstrate how people act and communicate verbally and nonverbally, both on and off the job.
  • 75 soft skills that are related to superior performance on and off the job.

Businesses everywhere have recognized that acquiring the right talent necessary for a job's maximum performance has become vital to their success. Now you have the power to provide your client with a perfect solution. Spectrum has created a unique system that incorporates all three areas Behaviors, Motivators and Soft Skills, for analyzing talent and comparing current performers as well as potential hires to one another and to specific job requirements.

Available for leadership, sales, general work skills (good overall work version for any position), healthcare, customer service, student (good for college level students), sports leadership, and team sports.

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