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Soft Skills Measurement

Hard Skills Measurement

How They Communicate Why They Do Things Will They Perform

Employee Performance & Engagement

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Behavioral Factors & Drivers

How people communicate verbally and non-verbally
Why people are driven to perform

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360 Surveys


We offer Targeted Assessments, Custom Surveys, Hiring & Coaching Systems, Consulting Services, Custom Tools

If would you like to learn more about the tools and services we offer, please contact us today.

Targeted Assessments

Most assessment companies today use a one-size-fits-all approach. They offer one questionnaire for their assessment and then simply change the output of the report and say they are measuring different aspects of a person (sales, leadership, sports, etc.). Many of the same assessment companies have been using questionnaires that have not been updated in 20+ years. The result is, people do not connect with the assessments because of improper or outdated verbal linguistics; there is 0 face validity in the questionnaires; and the results are often inaccurate.

At Spectrum Assessments we take a targeted approach to all of our assessments to ensure 100% face validity, verbal linguistic-cognitive matching, and very high accuracy in results.


Spectrum Assessments not only provides a full line of organizational surveys and 360s, we also have a fully integrated ?Maker™ System that allows our clients to create their own surveys, tests, forms, and interview questions.

All of this can be used as a standalone system or as an integrated part of our assessments and tools.

Hiring & Coaching Systems

Whether you are a recruiter, HR professional, trainer or coach, spectrum assessments has a solution for you. We offer criteria searching of respondents, enabling you to select internal and external talent for hiring top talent, secession planning, performance reviews, or training initiatives.

We also enable you to pinpoint areas for developments, as well as a person's key strengths. This enables more effective coaching as well as managing toward someone's strengths.

We have worked with thousands of professionals to add value to their organizations and their bottom line.

Consulting Services

Spectrum Assessments does not just sell tools and assessments. Our team have consulted with hundreds of top business executives and are able to offer our services and expertise to you in areas of:

  • Succession Planning
  • Recruiting
  • Leadership Development

Custom Tools

Because we create the tools and assessments, we also have the ability to create position specific assessments and customized tools for your organization.

Don't see an assessment for a key position in your organization? Contact us today to find out more about having one created for use in your organization.


Consider These National Statistics:

We can help you reduce these numbers

Percentage of job applicants who lie on their resumes. This is the key source that many
hiring managers rely on to source and narrow down applicants.
Percentage of new hires who leave their jobs within the first year.
Percentage of current employees who are actively seeking or are planning to seek a new job.
Percentage of U.S. new hires who must be classified as failures within their first 18 months (fired, pressured to quit, or required disciplinary action).